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Always Use Clean Needles

album: vapours : track 05

Produced by uchi for uchi productions

We love to accentuate those small things that make our pastimes pleasurable. The little details that we take for granted make up the hidden highlights of the total experience. The inspection of your vinyl against the light or the sharp blow on the needle to remove unwanted dust. Before you have heard whatever you dug out of your crate, you want to hear the sound of the crackle on the old vinyl as the needle is eased into the groove.

Originally, this design was to be called Needle To The Groove after the Mantronix hit. I was pondering the almost finished artwork and listening to some early Hiphop through headphones and turned around to see the end of a comedy sketch on TV. All I caught was a soft focus picture of a teddy bear wrapped in ribbons and across the scrren, in a handwrittern script was Always Use Clean Needles. I found out after the adverts it was The Adam and Joe Show. I have no idea if it was a funny sketch but I knew that my homage to Mantronix had to wait...

A large number of photos were taken to document the whole vinyl selection process thru to the final four steps featured in this joint.

Read on for the complete history on one of the most popular uchi designs...

The History

My initial brief back in 2003 was to show the simple process of placing the needle on the record. It was a follow up to the first four square design - Tobacco Seriously Damages Health. The design would be subtle but still have a technical manual look to it. My friend Fingers aka owns an old record player complete with dust on the needle and crates of punk. We took rolls of film capturing the whole vinyl selection process thru to removing from the sleeve all the way to the final small motions here. I later used some of the shots for Natural Selection and Now We May Begin.

SoundLab GO56C Stylus

needles - before
needles - before

The original artwork was done as six squares and cut down to four for the purposes of the t shirt design. Over time the design has gone through a couple of facelifts. I removed a lot of detail to keep it styled like the Tobacco Seriously Damages Health. A year and a new screen printer later, after I completed Natural Selection, we'd worked out how thin a line would print before it was degraded. I went back and put some of the detail back in and replaced the typeface to the same one used for Natural Selection and Weapons of Mass Instruction.

Like all uchi t-shirts it's had it's share of different colour combinations. From the original black on white tee through to the limited edition gold print urban hoodies. There's too many colourways in between to remember them all but the best looking ones always get a revisit. Always Use Clean Needles has been through tweaks and updates, there's been a Always Use Clean Needles - Extended Remix and a six square Limited Edition screen print to partner the Tobacco Seriously Damages Health canvas.

Chilli Red Streetwear Hoodie

Finally, to all who have purchased this design I'd like to thank you for making it a best seller and always in demand. It has lived up to what an uchi T-shirt should be by not fading away with current trends and standing the test of time making it the original uchi classic tee shirt.

Screen printed by hand on hefty 330gsm cotton mix our new urban hoodies also feature:
- 3 panel double fabric hood
- Thumb holes in cuffs
- Flat lace draw cords
- Hidden MP3/Phone pocket with small opening for cord feed
- Hidden earphone loops
- Hanging loop at back neck
Size: S/36 M/40 L/44 XL/48

limited edition black and gold urban hoodie

limited edition chocolate brown and gold urban hoodie

always use clean needles chilli red urban hoodie

always use clean needles deep blue urban hoodie

always use clean needles mens forest green t-shirt

always use clean needles mens black t-shirt

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Just found your page, man you are gonna be seeing so much of my money its scary, love what you're doing, keep it up!

Shylo MC - Future Thinkin

Really nice designs all on good quality tshirts/hoodies. Would recommend to anyone

Will McCaig

Some sick new drops uve got going down.

Ollie Martin

I bought a T-Shirt here recently, and was surprised at the quality - better than a lot of other 'big name' T-Shirts I've had in the past, to say nothing of the unique designs...

Tom, Bristol

I go to uchi when I have to buy clothes for my teenage son, they never fail to hit the mark and get me extra brownie points for being a cool mum.

Dannie Brooke

buy art prints from
uchi limited editions

probably one of the most original designs i've seen from the tees to the hoodies, good going!

Freddie Leigh

Let me tell you, you'd be surprised how hard it is to find original, unique designs, but you guys happen to be an exception.

Jeremy Toce

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Brilliant - very good quality and well designed clothes

Michal, Google maps review

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 WICKED - Wicked designs, all good quality

Will, Google maps review

I have no words, the illest gear i have seen so far... Mad respect to the underground style that UCHI has created!

Teresa Gaggiano, Italy

LOVE the site, and love your shop!!

Faye Westrop, Suit Yourself Magazine

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